Hi sweetie,
I'm not perfect...
Just Limited Edition

Wil je weten hoe mijn 1e keer sex als Nathalie is geweest:

About Nathalie

^ Petit Dutch Anal-Athletic Tgirl ^
Who the f*ck is Nathalie Daniels ?

My body info:
* Length: 1.68m | Feet/Inche 5ft+6in
* Weight: 63 kg | pounds= 138 lb.
* Shoe-size: 40 | USA 7

I was born and raised in Holland
(d.d. the 4th of Oktober 1986)

The whole living-like-female-way is so much fun. Make-up, shopping, dancing, the soft body, different hairstyles, all the clothing, OMG all the sexy shoes/pumps/boots, being seductive, all the attention, compliments and off course all the hottest sex-adventures...

  • L o v e _ K i s s i n g

    (It's thé hottest thing ever)

  • F a c e - s i t t i n g

    (My ass - your face)

  • I Also like:

    Face-fucking my mouth hardcore,
    gaping my ass, gagging my throat and a whole lot more...

  • But if you knew me...

    I'm actually a really sweet girl.

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